How We Did It

Tools that once required movie studio resources now allow indie filmmakers to create luxurious production value on a micro budget.

If you haven’t seen our trailer, check it out.




For example, filming inside a passenger plane costs thousands of dollars. This indistinguishable GREEN SCREEN costs nothing.

Watch this cool :30 video and see how incredible it looks.

Green Screen Demo Still


Another example is a prison shot we needed, which is prohibited by Connecticut law. The answer was DIGITAL SET EXTENSION, which allowed us to make a prison out of a community college.

Watch this fun :30 video and be amazed.

Prison Demo Still


Advances in filmmaking equipment allowed us to use hand-picked, hand-trained students, with only two experienced filmmakers on set. Our crew performed like champions and learned a lot.



Relationships in film and theater allowed us to cast outstanding actors from New England and New York.